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Ex-Citi Execs Start Hedge Fund, Drop Hint

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Dow Jones reports that a group of ex-Citi dwellers (Antonio Cacorino, formerly of Citi's global corporate and investment-bank management committee, Frederick Chapey, who was head of global structured credit derivatives, Robert Cummings, former head of Citi's European credit products distribution and Sohail Kahn, former managing director responsible for legacy-asset remediation efforts) are starting themselves a hedge fund. It will be called Old Lane The Sequel, and they'll be selling it to Citi for a trillion dollars in 3-5 years. Just fucking with you (about the name, not the prediction, which we'll revisit at a later date), they actually went with something worse: StormHarbour Partners LP. I get that it was probably intended to sound dangerous and whatnot, but there are a lot of other, dryer, natural disasters you could go with that don't lend themselves jokes about being underwater. Then again, earlier ideas are said to have included Katrina Capital and Golden Shower Management, so I guess this is preferable.



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