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Fight Night: Pandit v. Bair

We feel like bad Pals o' Pandito for giving this story that Sheila Bair may soon be telling Vikram to pack up his shit and hit the road any weight whatsoever. But, our thinking is that it's best to be prepared, so that in the event Vikula is indeed escorted from the building, it doesn't catch us by surprise. Also, we come up with a contingency plan. We're not going to let Uncle Vik go down the road of a certain commode connoisseur. So, we need to do two things. 1) Get a rough idea of whether or not we think this horror scenario might actually happen and 2) Strategize. Figure out Plan B for Pandit. Whereas he previously could've fallen back on his looks (jolly elfin' smile + bouncy belly = money), VP has slimmed down considerably since taking on the job, meaning the Tickle a Vickle booth set up in the middle of Times Square is out, and we're back to the drawing board.