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FINRA Issues Leveraged ETF Warning

Before another New Jersey health care worker gets thrown for a loop and tries to cover their losses from yet another structured product by suing everyone involved, Finra sent out a little reminder to brokers and investment advisers that leveraged ETFs are not for everyone. They cautioned that these "highly complex financial instruments" are typically unsuitable for retail investors. For those who might selectively confuse the safety of products labeled ultra short/ultra long for the cash stuffed under their mattress, the Finra communication is bad news. Now they might have to freely admit that they were simply greedy and didn't know what they were doing.
Finra Urges Caution on Leveraged Funds [WSJ]


FINRA Happy For The Work

FINRA chief Richard Ketchum has a puzzling message for the industry he regulates: Keep the malfeasance coming.