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Flip-Flopping Fulds May Pocket $27 Million

Two or so weeks ago, Dick and Kathy Fuld started "marketing" their 640 Park Avenue co-op for $32 million ($11 mill more than they paid for it less than three years ago). Then, days later, the couple decided to keep the 6,200 square foot pad for themselves, which we thought was a smart, PR-savvy move, considering the rumors (in our head) that they'd be turning the apartment, which includes 5 five fireplaces and a 25 foot long dining room, into a halfway house for down on their luck CEOs (humanity and whatnot can do wonders for one's rehabilitation and attempt at a triumphant return to biznass life). Now, they're apparently mulling an offer "in the $27 million range." [via Cityfile]
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