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Gasparino: William Cohan Is A "Danger To Journalism," Took My Calling Him A "Crook" Comment Out Of Context

Author William Cohan has a column out today in which he claims CNBC on-air editor-cum-Dealbreaker mascot Charlie Gasparino called him a "crook," twice, during an appearance on the network in February. We just spoke to Chaz and he claims: not so! Sort of! Here's the deal: Gaspo did use the c-word, but he says Cohan takes it out of context in the column. According to CG, during the show, Billy had suggested that "all bankers are crooks," as it relates to huge bonuses not necessarily tied to their firms' performances. So, by that logic, Charles wondered aloud if when Cohan was a banker (first at Lazard, then at JPMorgan), he himself was a crook. Obviously, CG went on.

"This is yet another example of how this guy Cohan is a danger to journalism. He gets the context wrong with an alarming frequency. I understand maybe in this guy's wet dreams while he was a banker, he wanted to be a reporter, but being a reporter is hard work. It almost seems like he actively tries to not get stuff right. He is so sloppy."
Judge for yourself. Whichever side you take, I think we can all agree that Dennis Kneale needs to be taken out back: