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Get In Bed With Chrysler

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Or at least sleep where a Chrylser exec hath slept! The Observerreports that Chrysler president James Press has put his 178 East 64th Street townhouse on the market. Apparently J.Press bought the place with the intention of being in NYC full-time, and with that plan no longer panning out, deemed the owning the pad "inappropriate," according to his broker. And now it can be yours, for $15.7 million. Alternatively, Press is willing to rent it out for the cheaper bastards among us for $35,000 a month. Hedge fund managers to be kept in the basement and abused at random whenever you're feeling playful cost extra. Added bonus: Ruth Madoff is less than a block away, at 133 East 64th Street, in the event you get lonely, and need a bedtime/horror story.


Getting Into Bed With One Spanish Bank Now A Risk-Free Proposition

Spain, as you may have heard, does not have a lot going for it at the moment. Its bond yields have crossed 7 percent, unemployment is at something like 70 percent, and on Monday, it announced a rather poorly received bailout of the country's banks. Investors don't want to touch their financial institutions with a 100 foot pole. One bank that knew this rejection all too well? Banco Santander, probably on account of the open sores. Today, though, that's all about to change.