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Get In Blankfein's (Old) Bed

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Lloyd and wife Laura having been living it up in their $27 million 15 CPW pad for the last year, where each apartment comes equipped with an auto-fellatio room in order to meet the needs of tenants that include Sandy Weill, Daniel Och, and Dan Loeb. For some reason, though, they hung on to their old place at 941 Park Avenue, perhaps so LB wouldn't have to cross the park after his weekly chill sessions with Stan O'Neal, who lives in the building. Cityfile reports it finally went on the market today for the asking price of $15 million. If you've been looking for a modest 5-bedroom duplex that comes with a 30-foot living room, library, maid's rooms, and a shower that can accommodate freakishly tall individuals (LB had it made specially for Hank Paulson's visits), check it out.