Getting To Know The Harness Fund

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So, former Fortress PMs Philippe Peress and Jonathan Ratcliffe are apparently starting a hedge fund, scheduled to launch sometime between July and August. Can't say we're particularly interested, given that our money is already locked up in Ball Gag Capital, but perhaps one or two of you might be? As of mid-June only $50 mill had been raised, so it'd be nice if someone would fork over a little cash. If you need convincing, the marketing materials, which were dropped outside our door in an envelope marked only "Dealbreaker" sans address about ten minutes ago,* can be found after the jump.
*Guessing the cloak and dagger nature of it all had something to do with the issue of the SEC frowning upon this sort of thing but for future reference to any of you budding managers looking to have DB disseminate your business, know that we don't bite unless expressly asked to do so and have no problem going to jail for our sources.

Liquid Macro Harness [PDF]