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Getting To Know Your Madoff Victims

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Some of the stories yesterday we heard from Madoff's victims were downright heartbreaking. They made us feel sad and want to shake our fists at that stupid brute! They also helped us feel pretty okay about asking you people to come up with the various ways in which inmates might welcome Bernie to the neighborhood, other than ass-raping but from the same genre. Those gut-wrenching stories included the one about the guy whose parents don't know how they'll be able to pay for their mentally disabled son, who requires constant care, the widow who gave Ponzi Nation more money after Madoff assured her following the death of her husband that her money was safe with him, and the elderly couple who has been reduced to washing their clothes in the sink and scavenging through dumpsters. Others, not so much. Like Helen Davis Chaitman, a retired lawyer who specialized in bank fraud and whose background + complaints for money seem to make her a worthy candidate of a "eat me" column (and/or Danza slap) from Joe Nocera. More here.