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Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

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Thought we'd forget to mention it, what with all the excitement on the Hill? Think again! As giddy as we've been over hearing whether or not Bernanke/Paulson put Lewis in meat locker "as a preview" of what life would be like if he failed to listen to every damn word they had to say, it in no way compares to our kvelling over the significance of this day in history. That's right, ladies-- it's Stevie-boy's birthday!

It was 53 years ago today that our favorite Zamboni driver was brought into the world. Obviously we wish we could've made it up there to celebrate, and may in fact get out to Stamford later on, but do know that a football field length sheet cake will be arriving on us shortly. Instead of a naked girl jumping out, it's been prepared with the intent of having all of you jump in, and eat your way through. Hopefully everyone at 72 Cummings Point Road has been preparing for this day for the past 11 months, and working hard to get the wording on their cards exactly. On the off-chance you completely blew it, make sure to take a few minutes today to approach the Big Guy and make a big deal of the event. Otherwise, what he'll remember most about his birthday is that you forgot it.
Finally, to those of you (Berkowitz) even entertaining the idea of simply going through the motions when it comes time to sing: sleep with one eye open.