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Hedge Killer On The Loose In Greenwich, CT

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And it's not investor redemptions or cross-dressing lawsuits. It's mother nature, and she's pissed.

A fast-growing vine known as mile-a-minute weed, or the kudzu of the North, is stalking hedges, shrubs and trees in the town 27 miles (43 kilometers) north of New York City that is home to 60 fund companies. The plant advances as much as 6 inches (15 centimeters) a day and has a grip on National Audubon Society land and other patches, said Denise Savageau, Greenwich's conservation director.
"Remember 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,'" said Tom Baptist, executive director of Audubon Connecticut, who found the creeping interloper at the group's Gimbel Sanctuary in 1996. "This has a similar science fiction feeling, but it's the attack of an alien plant. It usually kills what it covers."

The original infestation of one acre has spread to five. In two years, the number of Connecticut towns hosting the vine has increased to 15 from five, adding new urgency, said Donna Ellis of the plant science department at the University of Connecticut. "We need to fight and fight hard," Ellis said. "This is the enemy of the year."