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Help Find Ace Greenberg's Grand-Dog!

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If one of you had told me last year that the first harrowing tale I wrote about former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg and a dog wouldn't be the last (Ace had seriously contemplated leaving BSC on account of depression stemming from his four-legged best friend not placing well in dog shows), I would've said, "Jimmy, please." And right about now, I would've been eating those words.
The Postreports that Greenberg's granddaughter, Allison Frey, pictured here, was struck in a hit and run last night, and despite fracturing both knees and requiring braces and crutches to walk, Little G is most upset about losing her papillon Maltese, Bagel, who ran off during the commotion.
"I don't even care about my legs. I want my dog," Allison told reporters. Despite having been flung onto the roof and rolled onto the ground by the cab that hit her on Park Avenue, the first thing she thought of after getting up off the street ("covered in blood from a blow to her head") was "Where's Bagel?" Sadly, no one knows, though perhaps someone should look into the fact that an older gentleman smoking a J was spotted lurking at the scene of the crime. There's more, but I can hardly go on:

"He's so small he could be in a gutter. He's really tiny," said Frey, who had been visiting a friend in Rego Park, Queens, before the accident. "I just wish I hadn't brought him out last night."