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House Oversight Committe Requests The Honor Of Hank Paulson's Presence

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To talk Bank of America, Bernanke, and Boone's, on July 16. Interesting--in a mafia way-- that CNBC's Hampton Pearson noted the government had "struck a deal" with Paulson, since we are discussing the possibility that Bald and Beard told Lewis he'd sleep with the fishes if things didn't get done their way. Despite the fact that Congress completely blew this whole thing by not having Lewis, Bernanke, and Paulson all testify at the same time, there's a possibility this last hearing could be somewhat entertaining in that a) we're dealing with the scariest one of the bunch and b) unlike Bernanke and Lewis, Paulson doesn't really have anything (like a job) to lose and would probably have less of an issue answering the question of whether or not he took a crowbar to Lewis's ribs with the indication there'd be more where that came from if the Merrill losses got out in the affirmative (such as: "you're god damn right I did"). Paulson has already admitted he did it, so really we should just be getting the details re: how.