How Bernie's Lawyer Came Up With The Idea To Pitch A 12-Year Sentence

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1. He came clean all by himself
2. He's been a good boy
3. He didn't kill anyone, per se
4. He's going to be dead in 13. 12 would practically be putting him away for life.

Affording due consideration to Mr. Madoff's voluntary surrender, full acceptance of his responsibility, meaningful cooperation efforts, and in light of the non-violent nature of his offense, Mr. Madoff should be sentenced to a term just short of effective life imprisonment. Mr. Madoff is 71 years old and has an approximate life expectancy of 13 years. A prison term of 12 years--just short of an effective life sentence -- will sufficiently address the goals of deterrence, and promoting respect for the law without being "greater than necessary" to achieve them.

Bernie Madoff's Lawyers Would Like Him to Celebrate His Last Birthday Out of Prison [Daily Intel]