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Is MSNBC Ready For Dylan Ratigan?

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He starts in an official capacity on June 29, in the 9-11AM timeslot (where he'll compete for viewers with former colleagues Mark Haines and Erin Burnett, meaning someone's going to have to flash their tits and we hope it's Haines), but D.Rat's started working out with the team already. You know, so as to not get rusty and find his groove at the new office. How's it going so far? We've only caught this one clip but it doesn't seem too good! While his new and old employer both fall under the GE umbrella, they are apparently but distant cousins when it comes to style (so barely related that, in a pinch, could take each other to prom and it wouldn't be that weird...Dennis Kneale knows what we're talkin' about).

Big D was a guest host on Morning Joe yesterday and during an interview with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm on the matter of General Motors, seemingly horrified his colleagues with his line of questioning. To us, people who are forced to watch CNBC all day and are familiar with the Englewood Cliffs Guide To Interviewing, it really doesn't seem that bad. But I guess at MSNBC, you're not allowed to get all up interviewee's grills, cut them off, and demand they answer the question before giving them the chance to do so. It's at around 4 minutes in that Joe and Co. start apologizing to Granholm, referring to D.Rat as "a spaz," instruct him to "ask a question and be quiet," and end the show by saying, "We're very sorry about Dylan."