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It's Quiet. Too Quiet.

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As you're aware, today is AIG's annual shareholder meeting. It's being held at the 72 Wall Street building, adjacent to the insurer's 70 Pine Street headquarters and as of just past ten, we're told there's been nary a peep or sighting of protesters in the area. The only people camped outside are reporters, looking lost. Does no one care anymore? Not even the Pink Ladies? We don't blame them, and this isn't the first time they've failed to bring their A-game, but we'd think today of all days would've been identified as the Big Moment. And yet, it's looking like even the PL's can't get it to raise a stink or poster board. We're told Hank Greenberg does have something planned, but it will require the assistance of able-bodied men to rig him up in a harness with the intention of flying across the stage, Snowflake in tow, and so far he's got no volunteers and the damn dog won't get into his matching latex costume.
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