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Ivanka Trump Wants You To Think She's Just A Pair Of Breasts

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That's right, please, by all means, reduce I-Trump to a rack that got hired because she shares DNA with the boss. That way you'll be least expecting it when she lays her business skills on your ass.

The dynastic daughter is definitely cut from the same cloth as her father and he has been a tough and effective tutor, whether that's schooling his daughter in the workings and politics of a construction site or how to market the Trump name. And she's proved to be a very quick learner. She has moved out of the shadow of Donald Sr. and is much more than just the boss's daughter. Associates and colleagues have often noted that in negotiations, people soon realize they are not dealing with some flunky. There is also much praise for her decisiveness. Although this hasn't stopped some people from assuming that Daddy's little girl will be a pushover. Her technique, apparently, is to let them think that for as long as possible, believing that these misjudgments and blind spots give her more power at the negotiating table. She is able to wrong-foot them and take advantage of the situation.

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