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July 9 Is D-Day At House Of Nails And We Think Jim Cramer Should Have To Pay

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The day we hoped and prayed to the God of Dip would never come is upon us. Lenny Dykstra's Thousand Oak's home will be auctioned off July 9, after foreclosure papers were filed on Nails' ass by private equity firm Index Investors and Washington Mutual. (Dykstra, bless his heart and mind of a child, had attempted to sell the manse last June for $24,950,00, after having bought it ten months earlier for $18.5 million but apparently no one wanted to give him the 33 percent return he so richly deserved). LD is also said to be in debt upwards of $50 million. We're deeply upset about all of this and know exactly who to blame. Jim Cramer.

Not because he fired Lenny from his gig, "Nails by the Numbers," in which Dykstra dispensed investment advice to subscribers but for something so much worse. We're talking about yet another failed bold call made back in March 2008 (clearly a banner month for JC), when Cramer told Bob Costas, "Lenny Dykstra is one of the greats in this business," which obviously put a curse on Len's head, as did Cramer's insistence on wearing a Nails jersey to bed every night. At the very least he ought to make amends by buying the house and returning it to LD. And an on-air apology-- today-- would be nice.