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Let Jim Cramer Help Show Dad How Much You Care

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Have you been looking to sever all ties with your father? You've decided, for whatever reason,* that you're just completely done with the prick, but instead of just calling him up, telling him off and slamming down the phone, you need something...bigger and so much worse? Consider letting Jim Cramer get the job done. He's hosting a Father's Day edition of Mad Money on Friday and wants you and Dad to join the live studio audience, or watch from home. Either way, we figure it's the perfect gift for the son or daughter trying to express just how much "I hate you, you ruined my life!" to the old man. For his part, JC hopes "this special educates viewers and brings families closer together" which it might, in the same way the prisoners going through horrific torture tend to form close bonds. So, that's something to consider. If you've got a more fool-proof gift idea that doesn't comes with such risks, let us know at this time.
*Which you should feel free to get off your chest. Think of Dealbreaker as group therapy.