Let Me Ask You A Question...Can I Wear The Scream Mask?


As you all know, Eliot Spitzer has been attempting to rehabilitate his public image, post the whole hook banging situation. The Slate gig, talk show appearances and so on and so forth. The latest is a Vanity Fair lunch interview in which Spitzer eats a coupla hot dogs, answers questions with questions and cries. Obviously, the first thing you all want to know is, "How does Eliot Spitzer like his weiners?" So let's just get right to it.

"You like it regular or special?" the vendor asked automatically.
"Just a little mustard, thank you," Mr. Spitzer replied.

That doesn't actually square away with what the Emperor's Club had on file but no matter. Moving on, reporter and lunch date John Heilpern, unafraid to go there, asks Spitzer why so many politicians are caught in sex scandals. "What is it with you all?"

"I'm not going to make excuses," Spitzer replied evenly. "Let me ask you a question: Is there a difference between politicians and anybody else? Or is it that the lives of politicians are so very public?"

From there, the salty discharge flows.

Do you think the scandal will ever go away?," [Heilpern] asked.
"No. My obituary's written," he replied with shocking finality. "And that is a very hard thing to live with."
When he turned away, I could see he was in tears. And yet he continued to talk amiably, showing me a surprising sculpture he valued. He explained that it was a mangled piece of the car driven by nascar star Jeff Gordon that crashed 15 years ago during a race in Michigan.
"We all survive," said Mr. Spitzer.

Actually kind of a depressing note, which is not the way we like to feel when we read about or interface with prostitutes but lucky for you it doesn't have to be that way. We've obtained an audio clip from the pay for puss days, which should put a smile everyone's face. This comes from way back, even before Dupre. We think it might actually be Spitzer's first time, as evidenced by the fact that he's unsure of what is or isn't allowed, and must therefore clear things ahead of time, over the phone. Here's a hint of the transcript: "Let me get this straight-- I gotta pay for the blow job, and the god damn hotel room too? Well that just seems like I'm spending too much money for nothing. I've got a house, you can just get your ass over here."

He gets going at 2:55.