Lisa Falcone Explains Dressing Like A School Girl Of Perceived Loose Morals


This is just a bit of housekeeping but in response to Fixed Income's query as to why Phil Falcone's wife was dressed, in FI's words, in a "slutty school girl outfit with heels and socks" at the opening of the High Line* a couple weeks back, the Harbinger founder's wife had this to say, via the Times:

If she wears Fogal ankle socks with her Hermès high heels -- as she did to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's news conference at the opening of the High Line earlier this month -- it's because she is busy with her 4-year-old twin girls, she said, and lacks time for a pedicure.

Happy? Hopefully you'll now get off the woman's ass. (Sadly Lisa "Dime Piece" Falcone proffered no explanation for the outfit at left, though, really, is one necessary?)
*The couple generously donated $10 million to the project.
Photo credit: NYM