Madoff: "I cannot offer you any excuse for my behavior"

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That was the opening sentence from Ponzi Boy's remarks. Excuse me? Excuse you! Come up with something. I want to see you dance. Come up with something. Did Ruth make you do it? Your Argentine lover? Charlie Gasparino? A tapeworm? Come up with something.
Oh, and lawyer Sorkin is still saying his client was cooperative and that there's a chance that, with Big B's help, they can recover $13.2 billion.
Update: Apparently rhetorical questions are going to be the name of today's game. "How can you excuse deceiving your wife of 50 years?" "How can you excuse deceiving industry you helped build?" "How can you excuse lying to your sons and employees?"
Update II: He's full of shame and torment. Guilt. Shit. Ruth cries every night. Larry Kudlow wants him waterboarded.
Update III: Bernie tried to get out but dug himself deeper and deeper, and you know how these things just take on a life of their own.
Update IV: Judge Chin is not on board with the argument that Mades has been cooperative which may indicate he's leaning closer to 150 years than he is to 12. He's calling the crime "extraordinary evil" which is probs a good sign.