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Madoff Son Now Knows What It's Like To Be A Black Man In America

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Page Six notes the following anecdote from an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair:

Andrew recently "lamented" to an African-American friend, "I'm unemployed, I don't have any money, and I'm just trying to stay out of jail -- my name is mud," to which the friend replied, "Well, now you're just like every black man in America."

The words you're searching for here are: so anyway. What else is a' poppin' for Team Flyfishing? Besides getting into slapfests outside of Chinese restaurants, Andrew's fiancée, Catherine Hooper, seems to be keeping busy being kind of a bitch! Hoops apparently gave her betrothed a birthday card in April that read "Hope you have a fun day doing all the things people in prison wish they could do" to which Andy-boy, playing the part of the man-boy/bitch responded, "I wish I had my parents back," (before presumably locking himself in his room and shouting "I hate you!" and "I'm never coming out!"). Cathy then hissed, "Yeah, they were a really nice idea," and then, we're guessing, started mentally running through a list of people she might be able to stay with after extricating herself from Ponzi Nation.* Love (complicated by massive fraud), it's a motherfucker.
Other strained relationships are the mother-son ones between Ruth and Andy/Mark. Apparently the boys aren't speaking to her "not because they think she was involved [they don't] but because they believe her tendency to side with [Bernie], no matter what, when they complained to her about him, enabled his dirty deeds."
Oh, and the parents of Andrew's daughters' friends at Dalton are supposedly worried about letting their kids play at the Madoff residence out of fear that "assassins are crouching in vestibules."

*If she was going to be mean the least she could've done was be mildly amusing, and written something like "Since it's your birthday and all, what do you say I rig myself up in the black strap-on and simulate what it's going to be like for your Dad?