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New Arrival

Greetings. You may have noticed that there has been a slight change to the Dealbreaker roster and now some guy Greg Michaels is listed as a co-editor. So, to answer the two burning questions running through your collective heads right about now, I'll first tell you a bit about myself and then whether or not I have a brother named Brett. I grew up in a leafy, snobby suburb, attended an equally snobby prep school and college and then went into a career almost unheard of for people who have traveled a similar path: I went to work for a (formerly) big bank. A few of you may even know people like this. I made the move from studying derivatives to working in them and rode that bubble to its peak. When the joke was clearly over, I cashed in my chips, bought a bunch of SKF, SDS, SRS and just about every other ultrashort out there and watched the great unraveling take place. As a loyal Dealbreaker reader, the opportunity to go from fan to playing in the band (much like the Mark Wahlberg/Jennifer Aniston classic Rock Star) was too good to pass up. Unfortunately that is the closest rock star tie I have as, sadly, I do not have a brother named Brett who hooked me up with trips on the Rock of Love bus or Poison after-show parties. So, that is my deal. Enough with the pleasantries. Let's get on with it.


ArmaGreeceddon Arrives

Run for your lives!