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New Financial Products Regulator To Provide Amusing Threat

The wheels of forthcoming regulation have started to turn as the Obama administration sent its proposal for a consumer protection agency focused on financial products to Congress today. Among other things. the new agency will have the power to restrict or prohibit "unfair and deceptive practices". If the current generation of regulatory all-stars couldn't stop the slightly deceptive practice of running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme for over 20 years, you can guess the likelihood the new crew will pick up on some of the hidden gems buried in footnotes and legal disclosures. Should they fail that task however, their other major task at hand is enforcing the Community Reinvestment Act- which strongly encourages banks to make loans to low-income communities. You can probably start the egg timer now to count down to the moment that stroke of genius blows up in the administration's face.
Congress Gets Plan for Consumer Protection Agency [NYT]