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No New Information Has Emerged Re: Bernanke Threatening To Dump Ken Lewis

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Allegations that had been made prior to this afternoon: Bernanke and the Fed told Ken Lewis to keep Merrill's losses in the lock-box or KL would lose his job/kidneys. Now, courtesy of Represenative Darrell Issa, we've got the exact same allegations, but with sinister turns of phrase like "inappropriate threats" and "cover-up." He didn't say anything further because, as we hope Bernanke will tell him in this voice tomorrow, "you got nothing."

Not sure why, but Steve Liesman, looking quite flustered and as though he was about to cry, read us a statement out of the Fed from April that said it/Bernanke acted with the "highest integrity" when it came to the BAC/MER deal. Don't worry, Liesy-girl, Benji's got this one.
And speaking of jobs, not of the smear but blow variety, Governor Sanford apparently got himself a few from his "dear friend" while in Argentina. Now get back to work.