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Online Gambling: Your Supplemental Income?

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According to Details, yes. While some (many?) of you are making up for the slack in a no-bonus (and possibly no paycheck) year by turning tricks, others are supposedly doing so via internet poker, etc. This doesn't really seem like anything new to us, but perhaps we're wrong (it happens, occasionally)? Are you people or your friends/colleagues/pimps seeing an upswing here?

It's not just the recently unemployed who've moved from monitoring interest-rate fluctuations on Bloomberg terminals to searching out games on Full Tilt--it's guys who still have jobs but are looking to make up for the shortfall in their once-hefty bonuses. One hedge-fund trader, who competes under the name chosenpromise, is compensating for a withered paycheck by playing high-stakes Texas Hold'em. "There is not as much immediate upside on Wall Street as there used to be," he says. "After things got bad I upped my poker hours significantly."

In related news, for the junkies, perhaps consider seeking gainful employment at this place:

The perceived correlation between playing cards and trading stocks is so strong that when the markets were booming some managers even looked favorably on potential employees with poker chops. Trainees at the investment firm Susquehanna International Group are given Getting the Best of It, a book on gambling technique by David Sklansky, as assigned reading.