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Opening Bell: 06.08.09

Deadline For Capital Raising Plans Looms (WSJ)
Today is the deadline for the government to approve the capital raising plans set forth by the banks. More importantly, if your name is Ken or Vikram: an "in-depth review of management."
White House Promises 600k More Jobs (CNBC)
The White House has promised 600k new jobs under the $787B stimulus plan this summer. Of those, 135k teachers and school support personnel are slated.
UBS Said to Be in Talks About Repaying Swiss State Investment (Bloomberg)
The Swiss want in on the fun, too! The bank "in talks with the Swiss government about the repayment of 6 billion francs ($5.5 billion) in state aid, two people with knowledge of the matter said."
Top Three M&A Banks (Bloomberg)
Goldman Sachs reported $527MM, JP Morgan came in at $479MM, and MS came in third at $411MM. Nothing on Citi or BAC's numbers, though several boutiques are mentioned.
Supreme Court Asked To Delay Chrysler Sale (Reuters)
Some pension funds (and separately, consumer groups) in Indiana are asking the SCOTUS to slow the government led sell-off of Chrysler while they put together a legal challenge.
Gordon Repeats Vow Not to Go Away (Telegraph)
"What would they (the public) think of us if ever we walked away from them at a time of need. We are sticking with them," he said.

Bank Of New York Mellon Challenges Blackrock For BGI (FT)
BlackRock is looking to purchase BGI (to include iShares) for somewhere north of $10B, but there's now a bit of competition. If BNY Mellon pushes, the price could close around $13B.
Fidelity Clients Get Access To KKR IPO's. (WSJ)
KKR has been looking for a distribution channel for its securities, and Fidelity seems a good choice to partner with; it's definitively a win on their side as they generally don't have access to IPO's in the same manner as the banks do.