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Opening Bell: 06.23.09

Goldman Denies It Will Pay Out Huge Bonuses (NYDN)
I mean, it will, but the issue here is that we don't know if they'll be record-breakingly big just yet. We can certainly make guesses, though, which you should feel free to do at this time.
U.S. credit rating a "solid triple-A," Says Moody's (Reuters)
But it could be at risk for the d-word. "Either our assumptions in terms of debt reversibility prove to be wrong. That is, in fact the U.S. government is unable to bring public debt back to a downward trajectory," Pierre Cailleteau, team managing director of Moody's Sovereign Risk Group said.
Three Banks Suspend TARP Dividends (WSJ)
At least three cash-strapped banks have stopped paying the government the dividends they owe: JPM, GS, MS. No, just messing. Jamie Dimon would sell his liver if need be. The banks are pacific Capital Bancorp, Seacoast Banking Corp, and Midwest Banc Holdings.
Buffett Boy Raises $2 billion (FT)
Byron Trott, AKA "Buffett's banker," has raises a nice chunk of change for his new firm, BDT Capital Partners. For those interested in getting in on that, BDT will "maintain a close relationship with Goldman," Trott's former employer.
A Transplant That Is Raising Many Questions. You Know The One. (NYT)
Doctors say there is "little opportunity" to cheat the system when you need an organ, but the Times apparently remains unconvinced that Mock Turtleneck didn't do just that.
What Has the World Bank or IMF Ever Gotten Right? (Infectious Greed)
Paul Kedrosky would like to know.
No Jobs On Wall Street Mean Graduates Can Have A Social Conscience Now (Bloomberg)
Nationally, 27 percent of about 1.6 million graduating seniors plan to work for nonprofit groups or governments, an increase from 23 percent in 2008.
Settlement Anticipated In UBS Case (NYT)
"The Justice Department may drop a closely watched legal case aimed at forcing the Swiss bank UBS to divulge the names of 52,000 wealthy American clients suspected of offshore tax evasion, a United States official briefed on the matter said Monday. The move, which would halt an unusually aggressive effort to force Switzerland to lift its veil of banking secrecy, could happen by mid-July."

Changes At Harvard Management Company (WSJ)
"Harvard is considering several moves designed to improve its ability to stay liquid. It may increase the size of its internal trading operations, which currently represent about 30% of total assets versus money with outside managers, in part to maintain greater control in times of crisis, according to a person familiar with the matter."

Sumitomo Trust Finance to Start New Japan-Focused Hedge Fund
The Tactical Equity Concepts-Japan Fund get underway June 29 with 10 billion yen ($105 million) of seed money from parent Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co.