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Opening Bell: 06.24.09

Citigroup Has Plan To Fatten Salaries (NYT)
Pandit's people can expect a raise in base pay by as much as 50 percent this year in order to-- see if you can guess where this is going-- offset smaller bonuses. Under this scenario, according to the Times, "most Citigroup employees will make as much money as they did in 2008, although some might earn more and others less," so get excited for one of those three outcomes, though not so much the last.
Union Calls on Morgan to Reverse Raises for Top Earners (WSJ)
"We urge you to return base salaries to their previous levels and ... reward executives for long-term value creation, not just showing up for work."
Memphis Is Site Of Jobs's Liver Transplant (WSJ)
Now that we've identified The Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute it's up to one of you to create some sort of bus tour, which would probably be pretty popular. ("This is the cafeteria where Jobs's jello was prepared and up ahead we'll show you the room in which he got hooked up to a catheter. Not one of those used ones they're always advertising on CNBC but the Rolls Royce of catheters. This is Steve Jobs we're talking about, after all.")

NYSE Loses Trades Fastest in a Year and Nasdaq Isn't the Winner
"...a record low 30.2 percent of May's trades, data compiled by Bloomberg show. That's down 2.8 points from February for the worst three months since June 2008. The beneficiary wasn't Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., the Big Board's main rival for 38 years. It was Direct Edge Holdings LLC and Bats Exchange Inc., which more than doubled their combined share since August to 22.8 percent."
New York Times Considers Paid Access To Mobile News (Bloomberg)
Since someone, let's call it the NYT, is desperate for cash anyway they can get it and Gretchen Morgenson's trick turning days are over.
Allen Stanford detention hearing set for Thursday (Reuters)
Hopefully he'll threaten to punch a reporter in the mouth outside the courthouse.
Margaret Brennan Jumps from CNBC to Bloomberg (TVNewser)
Insiders say she's being named an anchor, which is nice.
JPMorgan Is On Top Of The World, RBS Not So Much (Reuters)
Rankings by British magazine The Banker somewhat suspect, given Bank of America and Citi's spots at numbers two and three for "strongest."