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Prince Alwaleed's Tips For Staying Rich And Fit

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This is the cover for the summer issue of a magazine called "PRESTIGE New York." It gets better.

On the matter of make making money money, take taking money money

"I'm not down at all," says Prince Alwaleed, who turned 55 in March. "You should know that I take each loss seriously, each million, each 100 million, each billion. Of course it affects me. It impacts me. I take it personally. I just make sure it never happens again." As to his recent declines, he retorts that he has suffered, in percentage terms, similar setbacks before. His shares in Citi (as it's now known) were valued this February at $623 million. That's more than a 90 percent dive from the peak price.
Still, the prince is worth more than $17 billion. "On my scale, you don't make mistakes, you make blunders," he says, laughing. Then, dead-serious, he adds, "I've made my fortune before. I know I can do it again."

And on the matter of not being a fattie (which SOMEONE will probably forward to Vikram Pandit):

HRH graduated magna cum laude from Menlo College, in California, in 1979, with a degree in business adminitration. In 1985 he earned an M.A. with honors in Social Science from Syracuse University. During that time, he recalls, he put on a lot of weight. He's been extremely health-conscious ever since and is now a strict vegetarian who avoids fatty foods, exercises every day and devotes himself to keeping fit. He is a keen cyclist who makes habit of riding for at least one hour a day, although he concedes to keeping a phone handy for deal making. He also puts swimming, walking and skiing on his agenda whenever possible. An acknowledged workaholic and accomplished horseman, he sleeps only five hours a night.


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Can Once Again Sleep At Night

No longer will the world be under the erroneous assumption he's only worth $20 billion.