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SEC Email Scammer Says What Everyone Else Is Thinking, Albeit With Glaring Spelling Errors That Detract From Message

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Isn't it awkward when seemingly insane people, or those without a firm grasp on the English language, or thirteen year-old kids pulling pranks, or, the worst of the worst, freaks on the internet, hack into your email and send out embarrassing messages to your boss, cc'ing your co-workers and a coupla news outlets...not because they make you and your organization look bad but because they've got a point?

An email sent under the name of a Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement attorney caused a commotion both at the SEC and outside it. The long message harshly criticized the agency's chairman and inspector general.
The email, received by several SEC officials and several news organizations Tuesday morning, including The Wall Street Journal, said it came from Irene Gutierrez, a senior counsel in the agency's Internet enforcement group.
The first was sent...with subject heading of 'Report Card.' Much of it encouraged SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro to remove the SEC's inspector general [and began], "With the end of the school year upon us, it seem slike [sic] the appropriate time to grade your performnce [sic]...."

An Email Causes Stir At SEC [WSJ]