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SEC Files Fraud Charges Against Madoff-Loving Cohmad Co-Owners

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The Journal reports the SEC has filed fraud charges against the co-owners of Cohmad, an investment firm that has described its relationship with Ponzi Nation as "blurry." Cohmad's vice-president is Robert "Madoff point man" Jaffe who, on morethan one occasion, told Massachusetts regulators to go fuck themselves, after requesting he show up to talk Bernie. That doesn't necessarily mean they/he are guilty, but it definitely adds some much appreciated class to the situation.
Update: The charges, according to Jaffe's attorney are "unfair, baseless, and inaccurate," and demonstrate "impulsiveness and self-justification" on the part of the SEC. Which, re: self-justification, is probably true, but doesn't necessarily make Bobby innocent.