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SEC Gets A Shot At Redemption

If Mary Schapiro and the revamped SEC can't put this one away, there is really no hope for them. Italian authorities recently found a little surprise in the suitcases of two Japanese travelers trying to cross the border into Switzerland- US government bonds with a face value of over $134 billion. The Italian police now want the SEC to opine on whether these two individuals were just overpacking for a holiday in the Alps or up to something a little more illicit.
Among the issues that may befuddle SEC are:
(1) The likelihood the 2 people stopped at the border are legitimately the US's fourth largest creditor
(2) The denominations listed on the bonds did not exist on the date they were theoretically issued; and
(3) The "Kennedy" classification of the bonds does not appear to exist.
Italian Police Ask SEC to Authenticate Seized U.S. Treasuries [Bloomberg]



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