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Senior Citizens Administer A Beat Down On Their Financial Advisor

A group of German senior citizens recently decided to forgo the legal process and deal with their investment losses the old fashioned way- vigilante justice. The silver haired bunch jumped their financial advisor as he was entering the door to his house, bound him with masking tape, thew him into the back of an Audi, drove him to one of the couples' vacation homes and had their way with him in the cellar for four days. It took 40 members of the German counter-terrorism unit to get the active seniors to free their prisoner.
German Senior Citizens 'Kidnap, Torture' Advisor [CNBC]


Financial Advisor Facing Some Legal Troubles

1. A class-action lawsuit by investors. 2. Murder via bomb charges. Brian Malley, 55, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Victoria Shachtay, a disabled mother who died in November 2011 when an explosive package was delivered to her home in Innisfail, Alta. Malley, who worked for Assante Wealth Management, is accused of sending that package. Malley now faces allegations he lost an estimated $50 million for dozens of clients. The claims are contained in a lawsuit filed this week in Red Deer Court of Queen's Bench. "This was their retirement savings," said Rob Armstrong, one of lawyers behind the lawsuit. "The allegations are that Mr. Malley was placing them in very speculative and high risk investments and losing money." The statement of claim suggests Malley's conduct was "high-handed, malicious and highly reprehensible." The document further alleges that Malley "acted in his own best interests which were in conflict with the interests of his client class members." The lawsuit claims that Malley invested in equities that were riskier than what his clients may have wanted and made frequent trades within a short time-frame to earn more commissions. $80M lawsuit filed against financial advisor accused of murder [CBC]