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Sheila Bair Has No Problem With Tim Geithner, She Says, Through Gritted Teeth

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Over the last few weeks the media has taken pains to convince us that Treasury Secretary Geithner and FDIC Chair Sheila Bair cannot stand the sight of each other, want to cut each other off at the knees, and so on and so forth. Most notably they're said to have butted heads over what to do with their problem child, Vikram Pandit. Sheila, supposedly, wants to throw Pandito out on his ass, while Geithner thinks she's being too hard on the li'l fella who is a very sensitive, special boy that Bair suffocated with limitations. Vikram, of course, is an innocent child getting caught in the middle of his parent's problems.
Then morning, while talkin' about this whole regulation reform plan, She-Bair was all, "[The FDIC] would like a seat at the table. I think this an institutional issue, not a turf issue or a personality issue." Obviously this was a reference to Geithner to which we say, WTF? What happened to you two hating each other? What happened to the leaked IMs that read, SheBair: Why don't you shut your mouth,you skanky-assed bee-yatch? TwoTowersTim: Fuck you, cocksucker. SheBair: Slut. TwoTowersTim: Ho. SheBair: Monkey boy.

What happened to those? Is SheBa being the bigger person here? Or is this a new way of bitching each other out in public via an escalating series of gratuitous compliments (this afternoon, when asked about tension with Bair, Geithner will reply sarcastically, "Sheila? Such a great girl." On Meet the Press this weekend, out of nowhere Bair will tell David Gregory, "Have you noticed how hot that piece of man-boy Geithner's been looking lately?" In a sitdown with Steve Liesman Monday, Geithner will open with, "You know who I'd love to do? Sheila Bair) that will culminate in a face to face shouting match in which the two will shout "No you're the best," "No, you're the best" back and forth until a knock-down drag out fight ensues on the floor of Pandit's office, which will ultimately lead to the sharing a cigarette and Pandit getting that baby brother he's been asking for? Stay tuned.