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Should Larry Summers Take Over For Ben Bernanke?

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Larry Kudlow, as you may have noticed, is for some reason obsessed with Larry Summers taking over for Ben Bernanke. Is this because LK just loves the idea of having a "Chairman Larry"? Did Summers make Kuds a promise back in their Studio 54 days that if he ever got the job, he'd commission the printing of a stack of special edition hundos with Kudlow's face on them* through which the two would do seemingly endless lines off the president's desk? It's unclear. But does buddy boy have a point? And if not, why not?
*Early in Bernanke's tenure L-Kud approached him about this but was brutally rebuffed. Kuds knew better than to ask Greenspan, who had a hard and fast policy of only printing special edition bills bearing the mugs of his favorite Hill bitches.


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