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Some Of You May Be Unwittingly Starring In Michael Moore's New Flick

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And not just in a theoretical, you-work-in-finance-therefore-you-play-the-bad-guy sense! "Starring" may be a bit of a stretch but nevertheless: if you caught the Hangover Friday night at Lincoln Square AMC you can look forward to watching yourself on the big screen come October, when the still-untitled film will be released. A camera crew filmed audience member's reactions to this teaser:

...which should've consisted of eye-rolls, though, given the clientele in that neighb, might've included some laughs.* Ushers wearing "Save our CEO's" T-shirts apparently then walked down the aisles asking for donations to Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.
*Although: Lincoln Square is probably arguably the theater of choice for tenants of 15CPW. So, tough call.