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Spitzer Patronized Prosties For Years

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Our (and Matt Lauer's) thirst for more info regarding Eliot Spitzer's hooker banging days has finally been quenched. Specifically, how long this biz was going down. Back in April, this glorious exchanged occurred on the Today Show:

Lauer: You were not prosecuted for your actions. As a result we don't know the extent of your actions. I just wonder if you could give me some ballpark, some estimations of how long this went on and how frequently this went on.
Spitzer: Not frequently...not long in the grand context of my life.

Technically, considering the former governor's age, that would not be a lie. Federal court records unsealed yesterday at the sentencing of a bunch of Emperor's Club defendants back him up on this one, and also reveal him to be no smarter than your average John (which I guess is comforting to AJs, but maybe not so much to his followers, hoping for a triumphant return to public service...unless of course it makes him come off as a man of the people):

Mr. Spitzer, according to the documents and the lawyer's comments, met regularly with Emperor's Club prostitutes, sometimes in cities outside New York and Washington, over 18 months to 2 years, using a variety of aliases and paying with postal money orders.

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