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Spotted: Mark Madoff Being A Dick On Nantucket

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A reader informs us he had the pleasure of running into one half of the spawn of Ponzi Nation just now. Apparently Mark Madoff cut our tipster's girlfriend in line at local sandwich shop Something Natural, was rude to the staff, placed his order without putting down his Blackberry and claimed he was "in hurry." Mini Madoff whipped out "a big wad of cash" to pay for his food before running out the door and into a big SUV with blacked windows. He did drop a dollar and change into the tip jar, which is nice, though it didn't quite make up for the stinking up the place with the air of a "jerk who still thinks he's a big deal after everything that's happened." Of course, we don't know for certain as to why Mark, whose identity was confirmed by the credit card sticking out of his wallet, was acting like an a-hole. It could've been the fact that he continues to fancy himself a little rich boy, but it also could've had something to do with nerves associated with the possibility he'll be joining daddy in the big house. Also possible is that the was late to meet up with the fish, and you know how he hates to keep them waiting.