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The Fed Wants To Be Your Landlord

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Anyone need some office space? You are in luck. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is looking to lease out 34,000 square feet (at the price of $20/square foot) within its uptown office at at 530 East Trade Street a-sap. Besides unexpected pop-ins from Ben Bernanke, your money will get you:

Two-thirds of the space, about 26,000 square feet, is on the first floor, a cavernous area built for heavy processing with raised flooring. The available area includes unused teller banks in the lobby, relics from years ago when customers could visit the Fed to buy notes, bonds and U.S. Treasury bills, and an empty steel vault. The remaining 8,000 square feet is on the second floor and includes a corner office with a view of the Bobcats arena. Amenities include a cafeteria and new conference center that tenants could rent. The Fed can do some retrofitting, depending on a tenant's need.

Since it's the government, you will be subject to security precautions that include walking through metal detectors, putting your bags through an X-ray, and having your guests' cars searched by guards using "mirrored poles and occasionally sniffed by a trained security dog." They're claiming they won't rent the space to companies that would propose conflicts of interest, such as banks, or groups "that attract much media attention," but let's be serious-- they're gonna take whatever they can get. Make an offer today.


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