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The Wheels Are Literally Coming Off the Wagon

When Opel gave Fiat and CEO Sergio Marchionne the Heisman in favor of Magna International, you had to assume it was going to be a long, frustrating ride from the German automaker's headquarters in Russelheim back to Torino. Imagine the thoughts going through the Fiat braintrust's heads:
- How could this happen?
- How are we going to be the world's #2 carmaker?
- Who just let one rip?
and most importantly
- Who knows how to change a tire?
It seems a car pulling back onto a highway in Switzerland encountered a small problem which rendered it immobile. The problem was none of the passengers knew the right bolts to use when they changed from winter to summer tires and consequently all four wheels fell off when the car started on its merry way again. Fingers crossed that Sergio and co. were not the ones at the wheel here and this is not a harbinger of things to come for Chrysler's new drinking buddy.
Car loses all four wheels on highway [Reuters]



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