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Things Getting Seriously Real At Harvard Business School

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So, you a lot of you have previously expressed the opinion that Harvard Business School students and grads are-- how to put this-- pussies. They may have a vast network to dip into when it comes time to raise seed capital for their scam of choice (kidding?) but when it comes to fighting, whether it's in the bar or boardroom, Meredith Whitney could take thirty of them with one arm tied behind her back. Granted, the Dollar Dom has freakishly strong upper-body strength, and the skills that comes with being married to a pro-wrestler (date night consists of rounds on the mat), but you get the idea. Luckily for current and future HBS'ers, one member of the faculty has identified this shortcoming, and is incorporating several weeks of "outside the box warfare training," corporate and street, into his curriculum.

Harvard Business School professor Lee O. Fleming is pleading not guilty to charges of assault and battery after police arrested him last week for allegedly throwing hot coffee at an individual during a parking dispute.
Fleming's lawyer, Paul R. Mastrocola of Burns & Levinson LLP, said that the professor "looks forward to addressing these allegations in court." He and Fleming both declined to comment on the specifics of the incident and court proceedings due to the pending criminal charges, but Mastrocola added that they are confident the professor will be vindicated. He did confirm that the dispute took place on a Cambridge public street.

According to the Cambridge Police Department's online Daily Public Log, Fleming and another individual got into an argument on June 1 about a parking situation, after which Fleming "threatened the victim with a thermos and threw hot coffee all over the victim." He was arrested at 8:43 a.m. for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (hot coffee) and by means of a dangerous weapon (thermos).

Harvard Professor Arrested For Assault And Battery With Hot Coffee


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