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Think Outside The Box

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Re: will Bernie be made Bubba's bitch, we personally believe Ponzi Boy will get in to the heads of the biggest guys on the block, break them down mentally and emotionally, and ultimately be seen as the inmate you don't wanna fuck with. The Journalspoke with prison expert Alan Ellis earlier, who thinks that might not be the case:

Just because someone is high-profile doesn't necessarily mean that safety is an issue, right?
Right. I mean, Michael Vick was high profile, but was he in danger? I highly doubt it. He's a sports hero and he's, physically speaking, a big guy. But with Madoff, something else could factor in. There's an expression in prison that gets applied to prisoners -- "mice who want to become rats" -- which essentially refers to wanting to increase your stature in prison, or "making your bones." One way an inmate might "make his bones" is by hurting Bernie Madoff.

So, let's just "say" you're incarcerated in one of our nation's taxpayer funded bed and breakfasts, and have been looking to make a name for yourself, via a certain bespectacled Jew once considered to be good with money. What would you do, exactly? It doesn't necessarily have to involve fists.