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Tim Geithner Has Truly Arrived

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As previously noted, it was visible yesterday that Secretary Geithner has gotten much more comfortable with regard to public speaking and being in front of the camera. After several very awkward months of forehead strains and odd gesticulations, Timbo seems to really have come into his own, almost commanding an air of authority though not going so far as to announce his candidacy for Ben Bernanke's job, his office promises. And now Geoffrey Raymond has acknowledge the Secretary with the above, which is how you know you've finally made it. Congrats, T. Geith. This is how it happens. Next comes with offer from Playboy which we're not asking you to say yes to right away but just maybe, that you'll think about it. Rumors of a sex tape cannot be far behind.
As for the portrait, and those of you dying to hang it above your bed-- Raymond has priced it at $25,000. For the rest of you, as usual, the artist has requested suggested annotations to be added to the canvas at the time. Do your worst.