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"To speak plainly, chicks don't dig a broke guy"

For those visited by the Pink Slip Fairy over the last several months, have you found it's translated to an increase in JO&C time, as a result of killing your game? The AP says yes, claiming that the recession is causing your "dating" lives to take a hit. Truth? Or do you find that, alternatively, having your 9-5's freed up simply means more available time slots to fit in the ladies you're beating off with a stick? And for those of you still playing for Team Employment-- has becoming one of the few men left on earth with a J caused a palpable shift in your favor, making it a "not even fair" situation? Or, with finance not being the same aphrodisiac it once was, do you now downplay the whole "I work at a hedge fund" aspect of your bio, which you once sent neighborhood kids over to the bar to announce ten minutes ahead of your arrival (so everyone there could plan accordingly)?