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UPDATE: Tim Geithner Is IN NO WAY LOBBYING FOR BEN BERNANKE'S JOB, Making Jokes At Bernanke's Expense, Says Treasury

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Earlier this morning, during Tim Geithner's appearance on the Hill to discuss the Obama administration's plan to overhaul financial regulations, Senator Corker referred to Timbo as "Mr. Chairman." Geithner responded, "I'm not 'Mr. Chairman.' Yet." Because we are prone to giant leaps in logic, making mountains out of molehills, and going to a place in our minds where Bernanke is a thug who will potentially make those who tick him off pay, we suggested that T. Geith was angling for B-nanke's job, had overstepped his bounds, and ought to watch his back.* Apparently, that wasn't what Geithner meant. We've just received an e-mail from the Treasury, clarifying the Secretary's line of thinking/sense of humor.

To clarify your post regarding the Treasury Secretary's remark: He was, of course, referring to the Financial Services Oversight Council (he isn't chair yet because it hasn't been created yet.)
Thank you for posting a correction,
Meg Reilly
Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Now you know. Also, I put in a request for an interview with TG, so fingers crossed there.
*Also, it's a slow news day and we needed a post.