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Wall Street Sequel Straddling Fork In The Road

Will it be three painful hours of missing the mark, full of misconceptions with shots aimed at the wrong target, or turn out not half bad? (I know we've been harping on this subject, but it's only because we think it'd be nice if this thing could actually be good and the only way you can be good is through relentless rounds of "you suck" and similar verbal berations from pissants like yours truly).
As previously mentioned, two strikes have already been notched for a. this casting choice and b. being predictable, and making the villain a short-seller. And from what we hear, the script as it stands is cringe-inducing, unintentional joke.

But! As noted yesterday, Oliver Stone and Co have been attempting to inject a modicum of reality into the thing, having stopped off at the RGE Monitor's "A Night With Roubini" on Tuesday, and consulting people who know what's up. Which is progress! The latest bit of measured good news is that Stone and LaBeouf sat down with "six men in suits" at La Bottega prior to Roubs's show.
Obviously it could've been a meet 'n greet with just about anyone, but the fact that they "demanded the restaurant shut down" for the "top-secret meeting" gives us hope that the dinner date included a few guys who might nudge this thing in the right direction.* (And, of course, we're still holding out for a night cap/re-write spotting with Mer Whit, who will surely give it to the filmmakers straight, especially after being made to wait, for days now, in her BDSM gear, spreader and truss bar in hand.) To that end, we continue to encourage you to offer plot suggestions whose insertion in the flick would make it worth your $12.50.
*There's probably a not very large group of people who have the sway/money to just shut down a restaurant during dinner. Except for you my chocolate covered bon-bons. I'm sure you could get it done.