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Wall Street Sequel To Be Injected With A Hint Of Doom?

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As you can probably imagine, we're still working through our disappointment over Shia LaBeouf being cast in Wall Street 2. Our pain is mitigated slightly by the following news. Besides being shaken up about the presence the would-be mother fucker in the film, we've been preparing ourselves for 2-3 hours of tripe in which "evil" short-sellers are maligned (Shi-La, according to accounts of the plot, believes his boss was murdered by "a stock-shorting hedge fund manager"), along with a whole grab-bag of misconceptions, by people who don't know what they're talking about. But it seems Oliver Stone and his crew are educating themselves in preparation!

Stone and LaBeouf were in attendance last night at the RGE Monitor's "Night With Roubini" at the Maritime Hotel. Of course, like some, they may ultimately disagree with Roubs' outlook, preferring instead to go with that of a chair-thrower, but this seems (somewhat) promising. Next stop, we hope, just for the possibility of her securing a cameo: a sit-down with the Dollar Dominatrix.