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Watch Your Back, 85 Broads

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We're not saying definitively that Maxine Waters is going to assault Lloyd Blankfein. What we are saying is that there's mounting evidence she's moving in that direction. Up to this point, M Dubs has kept her feelings for the Masters of the Universe confined to five minute sound bites of batshit manifest during Congressional hearings, and notes left on the hood of LB's car. News out of the Hill last night, however, that she got up in the grill of and proceeded to lay her mitts on House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, after he shot down a $1 million earmark request, makes us think she's finished keeping her hands to herself professionally.

The pair were seen shouting at each other and had to be separated by members -- who were gathered on the floor casting final votes before heading off to a party at the White House.
Waters, according a Democratic staffer familiar with the situation, approached Obey to ask him to fund one of her longstanding earmarks, the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center.
Obey -- who irked Waters a few weeks back by banning "Monuments to me" funding projects named after the politicians that earmark them -- told her no, emphatically enough to be heard across the chamber.
"I'm not going to approve that earmark!" Obey shouted.
The two veteran Democrats -- each pugnacious and 71 years old -- began shouting, with the L.A. area-Congresswoman following Obey around the chamber, reportedly suggesting he channel the vocational money through a local school district.
At some point, they collided, witnesses say, with one Obey ally claiming the lean Waters "tried to shove" the stout Obey.

This is what she did to a colleague. Imagine (and quake in fear over) what she'd cook up for Enemy Number One.